Language is encouraging word to human life those who learn right time can be a great blessing!       Gita Baraily

My family was migrated to Hong Kong in 1994. My eldest daughter was 3 months old. My son and youngest daughter were born in Hong Kong. My family is devoted Christians when we came before to Hong Kong. My children were growing smoothly in city life here in Hong Kong. But I had faced much difficulty for them in Nepali Language because my children only learnt Nepali Language at home. And my children went to Nepali speaking church where it was a simple Nepali service and there was good Nepali words teaching to them in Sunday school .I thought if they don’t speak Nepali at home then how they communicate when they go back to their mother land? So my husband has good English but we used our Language to speak with our little children to learn Nepali   Nevertheless, after 14 years later their Nepali speaking language was similar to ours. But the reason is still behind us for our Nepali Language. Children couldn’t write the Nepali words and didn’t know about the culture, tradition and which background of the religious we came from? Because it’s a busy life in Hong Kong parents have little time to communicate with them after coming home.

1994 to 2013 I found lots and lots of Nepali sister and brother who also migrated to Hong Kong. Even those Nepali brother and sister who migrated in Hong Kong faced similar difficulties with their children. Those who have lived in Hong Kong for more than 19 years have difficulties in speaking and writing fluent Nepali language for children and some parents too.

Nepali is official Language of Nepal. It’s related to Hindi, Punjabi and other indo Aryan languages, and is normally written with the Devanagari script (as Hindi) Nepali language there are more than 100 different languages and dialects spoken in Nepal. For example, Gaurung Bhasa, Magar Bhasa, Newar Bhasa etc and Nepali Bhasa.

On January 2013 I got the opportunity to teach different Chinese church  leaders those brother and sister who wanted to learn Nepali with willing heart. Chinese brother and sister are working, and sometimes they need help in understanding Nepali too when they work. When they speak Chinese to Nepali brother and sister they don’t understand and they speak English to Nepali Brother and sister they do not understand again.  Those kinds of the huge English and Chinese language difficulties are being faced in Hong Kong.  A healthy Nepali word affects our home and community to make power of long lasting fruit.  Book of the bible says, Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18: 21, if our children learn Nepali language. Nepali family will be a healthy family of communication between parent and sibling.

I belong to Nepali Union Church and my pastor felt really touched when he heard that Chinese brother and sister wanted to learn Nepali in our church. I  not only  teach Nepali language but the Nepali Culture also. They are smoothly having knowledge that how to respect Nepali culture and when they come to learn Nepali they know how to greet Nepali pastor and Nepali brother and sisters in my church. During the class my daughter and my husband also voluntarily help me.

During Nepali class I am teaching them how to cook some popular Nepali food too.

For example, Basmati rice Pulao, Aloodum, achar, chicken curry, momo, tea with sukmel etc. Every time when we cook the Nepali food with student they are really give interest to learn about Nepali food and our plate would be empty quite fast. I realized Chinese brother and sister like to taste our food also and they enjoyed eating.

When I taught them Nepali’s biggest festival, Dashain my student were much interested because they saw our Nepali brother and sister during the time of Dashain in Hong Kong road with red tika on their forehead and beautiful garland in their neck. When they studied about the Nepali festival called Dashain. My students were feeling comfortable studying about the Nepali biggest festival not only did they study about the culture but they saw the Nepali tradition and the culture in Hong Kong too. I really appreciate the effort of my students learning together and improving in team work in Nepali language.

So we live in Hong Kong with different national diversity. If we teach one another our Language and Culture it might be become more respectable and integrity in our community. We are the same body of Christ to one another why not learn and teach one another with harmony to grow together with our Languages!